Synthetic Grass Lawn Tennis Court

Synthetic Grass Lawn Tennis Court

Price And Quantity

Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Square Foot


  • No risk of slipping or injury
  • Easier on knees and hips
  • Effective alternative to asphalt or natural grass courts

Trade Information

Supply Ability:       As per customer demand

Delivery Time:        As per customer demand

Product Description

Leveraging our extensive expertise, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying Synthetic Grass Lawn Tennis Courts. Crafted from polypropylene or polyethylene grass fibers, these courts feature specially graded sand top dressing in vibrant colors like red, green, or other variations. Each court is meticulously marked with precise white lines, ensuring accuracy in dimensions.

Our courts exhibit exceptional resistance to structural cracking caused by UV exposure or prolonged intense usage. Installing our precisely designed Synthetic Grass Lawn Tennis Courts helps create the perfect gaming ambiance. They can be tailored to various specifications and colors, aligning with the rules set by sports federations, ensuring compliance and enhancing the overall sporting experience.

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