Rubber Badminton Mat

Rubber Badminton Mat

Price And Quantity

Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Square Foot

Product Specifications


 10-12 Millimeter (mm)


 Ceramic Flooring

Trade Information

Supply Ability:       As per customer demand

Delivery Time:        As per customer demand

Product Description

Badminton is a beloved recreational activity, drawing many to sports centers for a rejuvenating game. Prioritizing player safety, we present the Rubber Badminton Mat. Crafted from quality-assured materials, it upholds stringent quality standards, assuring durability, player comfort, and safety. With anti-skid and anti-slip properties, it ensures a secure playing surface, enhancing safety for all players. Our mats are favored by numerous sports entities, including educational institutions, owing to these key attributes tailored for a safe and enjoyable badminton experience.

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Rubber Badminton Mat

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