Cricket Pitch

Cricket Pitch is a vulcanized dual or triple durometer rubber athletic system that offers excellent shock absorption and virtually eliminates “bottoming out.” Specifically designed for intense indoor competition, it can withstand high levels of activity while resisting bacteria and odors. Common applications include volleyball and basketball courts, gyms, and exercise facilities. Cricket Pitch provides a slip-resistant, durable, and easy-to-maintain playing surface, making it ideally suited for installations with heavy use where longevity and value are crucial. It is available in nine classic colors, including beige, navy, blue, light blue, green, red, orange, clay, and black. Additionally, Control XT can be custom blended to match your school colors. Personalized touches such as custom lettering, logos, or school mascot images can be precision-cut or screen-printed onto Cricket Pitch, adding a unique distinction and enhancing school pride.

Key Features

  1. Able to handle the puncturing pressure of the spikes easily.
  2. Does not tear or alter in their texture even after regular use.
  3. Extremely hard wearing and durable.
  4. Impressive colorful appearance.
  5. Clearly and permanently marked areas on the pitch.
  6. Create a realistic and safe environment for players.

Cricket pitch surface

Synthetic Cricket Pitch