About Us

Bringing Sports to Everyone

Who We Are

Ridham Sports has become an important company in value-added flooring solutions in different parts in India. Ridham Sports is focused primarily on sports infrastructure solutions. We are a company defined by three things.


We prioritize quality in all aspects of our work, from the people we hire to our training, processes, and project analysis for continuous improvement.


We're committed to making a positive impact in our markets daily and promoting physical activity's benefits while maintaining high integrity.


We are passionate about our customers, offering value through consultative sales, customized products, and top-tier customer service.

What We Do

Customizing solutions based on your needs and delivering tailored sports infrastructure with a customer-focused approach.

Ridham Sports is a company that is focused on providing real customized solutions to our customers based on a clear understanding of their needs/requirements and an understanding of previous problems they might have had. When we sit down with you, we ask a range of questions to understand performance requirements, and durability and aesthetic needs. We also explain the difference between cost and price to ensure all hidden costs of inferior solutions are taken into account by you. Once you choose your preferred option, we then use in-house teams to design, execute and maintain your facilities. When you work with Ridham Sports, you are working with the only company in India who takes this more customer-focused approach.

Why Work With Us

Trust, quality, and performance: that is what Ridham Sports has offered its global clientele for over 40 years; that is why we have had sales over one billion US dollars, and a corporate history of close to half a century; and that is why our customers keep on coming back to us.


Ridham Sports upholds integrity and consistency, which retains loyal customers and attracts new ones.

Customer Value

Ridham Sports offers consultative sales, understanding customer needs and providing informed options for their best decisions.


Ridham Sports excels in service with well-trained staff, a service-focused culture, and effective processes. We're here to assist you anytime!


With extensive international experience in specialized surfaces, Ridham Sports brings 45 years of expertise to every project.

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